Blow n Go SaiGon

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  • I’ve been sending messages to the blow&go girl I met last time. She is working in a new place now and asked me if I wanted to visit her there. Of course! Remember how she not only gave me a BJ, but also secretly fucked me bareback against the rules of her establishment? Great girl.

    I took my bike out and had a plan to convince her to come to my room after work. I arrived at her new place. Many girls there, all very cute and in a blue dress. When I arrived, we went straight to a little room upstairs. She is so cute and horny. Bad thing is that the room was super dark. Sorry for the quality of the images here. After having fucked secretly again (she is amazing), we talked about my idea, but does not seem interested in it. She kept on saying that she could not visit me in my hotel. She didn’t give me a reason, either. Too bad. I will have to forget her


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