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  • I had a great day again, guys. Decided to visit the little park where I met Gnoc last week and once I arrived there, I saw another stunning girl waiting in a nice dress and high heels. This place is clearly a pick-up for young students. I went to talk with the girl and she was indeed a student looking to make some extra cash. We talked a little and at first, she didn’t want me to make pictures. After a short business talk, it was all ok 😉 Her name is Dao, an 18yo student in hotel management school.

    So, we headed to my room for more pictures. Loved her cute face and nice young body. It all went very smoothly and even if she stayed quite serious, I knew that she was enjoying this. That was very clear later on when I licked her pussy and she came a first time. Later on, she came again when she was on top. Nice tight pussy, guys, this was a good fuck with creampie. After we finished, she had to leave again. I kept her number.

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