First 3some: BBS Girls, Shili, Alian

adminMarch 21, 2018377 Views

  • I was finally lucky today! Thanks to all the tips I got from you, Guys! I found a barbershop after a mammy finally approached me. I followed her through many different small and dark streets then finally, into a little shop with a hidden door. Behind that door was paradise! I simply liked ALL the girls inside.

    I looked around and just couldn’t choose. One girl was smiling, so I went closer to her. She was kind of happy and wanted me to take her and her friend. Her name’s Alian, an 18yo, and her friend Shili was 19yo. I liked Shili a Lot. She seemed to be skinny and had big boobs. I just love that type of girl.

    I settled with the mammy and I went with my 2 girls to my hotel. First, I bought some drinks and food for them in a little store and then went to my room. Honestly, I just love Chinese girls. There is something different about them.

    It was almost impossible to communicate with them (needed to use my translator the whole time), they are a little bit afraid of foreigners and they are not necessarily the best performers but still…. this little threesome was a delight! I enjoyed every second.

    I asked for their ‘wechat’ number (a Chinese version of Whatsapp) and then they went.

    Later on, I chatted with Shili. I was asking her to come back tomorrow afternoon. She said yes.

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