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  • A day full of surprises.

    I went out to have breakfast and when I walked back to my hotel, a beautiful lady came to me and asked me up front if I wanted a massage. She really looked skinny and beautiful, not like a pro. I asked if it could be more than a massage and she said “yes”. I asked if I could film it… she hesitated but then agreed. I told her we would talk more about it in my room. So, up to my room we went.

    Her name is Hana and is 25yo. I could see it that she was in need of money and that this was a good opportunity. When a girl comes to you first, you are in a better position to negotiate. I think this girl would never do a shoot, otherwise. You can see how shy she was in my room at first. I had to be slow and talk with her a lot. Just before getting naked, I had to warm her up and start shooting again once she started to give me a BJ. From then on, it all went easy.

    I made her cum 2 or 3 times. What a lovely screamer! She really loved to fuck. I loved her skinny body and ass. That is a good trophy, especially because she is such a normal woman. She told me after we had sex, that she never even had sex with a stranger before. How wonderful is that!!!?? We talked a little longer and then she had to run to work, she said. She didn’t even want to tell me where she works or give her phone number. This was just once, she said. Damn!! WONDERFUL!

    I am so lucky!

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