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  • I just had a great morning, guys. Last night, at 3am, Ann arrived again. We woke up at 9 am because that was the time that we expected her friend Jennifer to come. She was on time
    and she was exactly what I dreamed off. Slim, skinny, very Asian looking for a Filipina, tiny tits and a very small ass with hairy tight pussy. A dream girl, really. Her name is
    Jennifer, a 26yo bargirl who worked in Angeles before. And, she was fun as well!

    We did some shooting first and I had a boner when she was naked in front of me. I fell in love again. Ann was assisting me, shooting with a second camera and as before, she needed to suck my dick as well. I got a great 3some BJ. Then ,I focused on fucking that small pussy of Jennifer’s.

    This was heaven, really. She was totally into it, as well. A good horny bitch. Look at how tight her pussy is when she is on top. That felt so good, man. I took my time
    to shoot in different angles, so you’re getting an extra long clip again today. I finally came when I was fucking her in doggy. Creampied her and signed the date on her ass.

    My two girls took a shower and Jennifer had to leave to get back at the bar. Ann stayed just a little longer and had to run eventually, as well. I slept again when she left. What a great day!

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