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    You’re Makenna Guy Horny. 18:23
    You get a hint of Makenna’s rather large booty before she even lifts her dress and then it all comes into view with only a thong string in her butt crack. Her butt hole is quite exposed even with the panties on. She gets down on the floor and twerks her voluptuous junk around a bit before flipping onto her back. She often tugs on her thong letting the girlie bits spill out. Perhaps the best of this clip comes with Makenna sitting backwards on a small stool giving some awesome views straight up her overhanging ass from below. There’s a pretty nice bit of stand up butt show to finish off the clip.

    Black in Blue. 11:08
    Makenna remains on her back on the floor through much of this dildo masturbation scene. She momentarily jacks her ass up in a crabwalk position giving a pretty nice view of her entire underside as she rubs the vibrating toy against her clitoris and squirms her ass. The action is generally not too showy being a bit understated through most of it but becoming enthused as she nears a climax. There’s a very nice pussy spread at the end of this video.

    Autumn Mated Checkout. 7:24
    Now outdoors Makenna uses the driveway to show off her figure in motion as she walks back and forth several times. The close up butt shots are especially nice as she has a lot of cheeky meat to wiggle around. The audio of this clip leaves a lot to be desired as we are right beside a busy roadway along with other city and construction noises.


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