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  • I heard about a nice and crazy love hotel in the northern part of Tokyo, so I took the subway again and had to look around before I could find it. It was said that there would be a bear outside to recognize the place.

    I found the bear and once inside, I was so amazed by the way they decorated this hotel. Fun! It was even more fun when I entered my room and found out that the girl I booked, Maki, was already set up for action in a little marine uniform.

    I got the message and started to take off my clothes immediately. She was totally into it and gave me a very nice bj. She sometimes sucked me so hard that it hurt but that can be nice too.

    This was a little skinny fuck-toy and I was really into it. I came after almost 10 minutes and once we took a bath, she started to suck me again.. ready for a second round!

    This time I came full in her face. One of my best facials ever. Thank you Tokyo.

    I think I need a rest now!

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