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  • Back to hunting today and I was very ambitious to score today, whatever it took. After riding more than an hour, it seemed not to be going all that well. Where are the freelancers these days?? I stopped at the Mekong and saw a girl with a typical Viet conical hat on. Her clothes were a bit too nice to be just a girl. She was looking at the river. When I was close enough, I saw that she was a MILF, but I decided to talk to her anyways.

    She reacted immediately and that was a good sign to me. I asked to take a picture and that was good, as well. We had a seat and talked a bit. Muing is her name, and is in fact a Cambodian girl. I was not surprised as she didn’t look Viet to me. So, she came here to freelance and make money. I heard that there are Cambodian girls coming here. She agreed to make pics and after having such a good experience with MILFs lately, I decided to take her with me.

    In my room, we went straight into action. I was horny and hoped for a wild fuck, but this MILF was more reserved and quiet. I decided to make the best out of it and had a good time, really. Loved to fuck her with that conical hat on, haha. Creampied and paid her, then she left. Let’s keep on hunting. I also called Pety for more (and younger) pussy.

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