Park Girl Canceled

adminJune 22, 2017Views 1635

  • I changed hotels today. Nice room but strange way to put two beds together, with a light hanging almost in my face.

    After that, I went to a park opposite of the reunification palace. I found a girl there before but today it was more complicated.

    An hour later, I talked with a mamasan (didn’t want to be filmed) who told me that she has a very beautiful girl. I told her my where my hotel was and 1 hour later, the girl was delivered there. It was indeed a beautiful girl in a Chinese dress! I was totally into her and went right to my room.

    She had agreed on making pictures and video until I started to ask about taking off her clothes. Here you can see, my friends, that it’s not always smooth. She was now too shy to go for it, even if she had understood what my request was.

    She called her mamasan and finally decided not to do it. Too bad. She asked if I still wanted to do a short time without the camera but I said no. I want the mamasan to know and understand that I will not accept new girls without camera. It’s a hard way to do it but it’s the best way. Next time, she will bring me a girl with no drama for sure.


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