Sex and Zen II Vietsub

Sex and Zen II (Chinese: 玉蒲團II玉女心經, “The Carnal Prayer Mat II – Jade Maiden Heart Sutra”) is a 1996 Hong Kong erotic comedy film directed by Chin Man Kei. The film is a sequel to Sex and Zen (1991), and it was followed by Sex and Zen III (1998).

Sex and Zen II Vietsub

Sex and Zen II is partially an adaptation of the Tsui Hark film The Lovers, which is itself based on Butterfly Lovers[2] and the lead actor Elvis Tsui’s character Sai Moon-Kin (西門堅, pinyin: Xīmén Jiān) is related to the Water Margin character and Jin Ping Mei protagonist Ximen Qing. The film’s Chinese title and the martial arts sequences are a reference to the Jade Maiden Heart Sutra (玉女心經, Yùnǚxīnjīng), a fictional scripture in Jin Yong’s The Return of the Condor Heroes.

Sex and Zen II Vietsub

Sai Moon-Kin (Tsui) is a rich man who lives with his concubines and his son and a daughter named Yiau (Loletta Lee), who is raised like a boy and is ignorant of the ways of love. Because her brother is intellectually disabled, Yiau wants to be her father’s heir but feels that she needs to go to school for the required education. Her desire to attend school leads her to a love affair with a lustful young scholar (Ken Lok). Only after she is equipped by a protective chastity belt, does her father let Yiau go to school, guised in drag. Sai Moon finds his son’s new wife Siu-Tsui (Shu Qi) attractive. He does not realize that she is the evil Mirage Lady, who knows “sucking” magic. Yiau and the Iron Man (Ben Ng) try to stop the Mirage Lady from harming any more people.

Sex and Zen II Vietsub Cast

Loletta Lee as Yiau Ken Lok as Fa Ben Ng as Ironman Shu Qi as Mirage Lady/Siu-Tsui Elvis Tsui as Sai Moon-Kin Wong Yat Fei as Monk References HK cinemagic entry 玉蒲團II玉女心經 Sex & Zen II (1996) External links Sex and Zen II at IMDb lovehkfilm entry
Date: July 28, 2022
Actors: Elvis Tsui / Shu Qi

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