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  • Today, I wanted to try something else. I heard a lot about the blow and go’s in Saigon. It’s a barbershop where you can only get a BJ, bareback with cum in mouth. I wanted to try that, so I went to Benny’s. It’s a very famous place for that.

    I arrived and only 2 girls were available. I took the best one to a room upstairs. First, a little massage and then to a small room where only a small curtain separates you from the other customer. Man, this was surreal.

    I could see the face of the guy next to me and could easily hear the girl giving him a BJ. He even moved the curtain for me so that I could watch it while my girl was giving me a splendid BJ.

    I did cum and she simply drank my sperm. Wow. Special! I was never alone with the girl so I could not ask her about filming. I will try again tomorrow.


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