Xiao Mei full 2 clips sex

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  • Today I waited for Xiao Mei, the little starfish that was delivered a few days ago. This girl did not show much emotion but I really liked her body and her China-doll make-up style, so I asked her to come back… but only if she would agree for a shoot this time. She did, so she arrive at 1pm. She had to go back to her room first because she forgot her ID so once she was back, I was really happy to take pictures of her this time.

    She really has my favourite style of body, a super-small bony ass and then good round boobs, skinny body and a cute face. You can see it in this shoot how much I liked her. Ok, again… she was a terrible starfish… but I did make her scream. Unfortunately, aother “BUT” was the fact that she really insisted on using a condom. A bit sad, but I still enjoyed this fuck a lot. I said to her that she could come back only if no condom next time.

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