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  • It was a good idea to send a message to Jojo yesterday. She messaged me back with a picture of a friend who also wanted to make photos.

    They came over around 3pm and the girl looked good. She was looking more sexy on the picture though, but still. Tall with a Latina-style ass and a great attitude. Not at all shy making photos. She was always smiling and super horny.

    The moment I started to touch her boobs, she immediately changed into ‘fuck-me-now-please’ mode. I like that. Gave me a good BJ. She is the kind of girl who loves to adore your dick. Taking it with two hands, kissing it, licking it and taking her time to give you full satisfaction.

    The other good thing was her very small and hairy pussy surrounded by that fat ass. This was a really horny fuck, all with her screaming on top! She asked me to cum outside, so I did it.

    Very satisfied with this first girl in Changping

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